Constant Current Sensor supply (hol496)

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Constant Current Sensor supply
Constant Current Sensor supply Dimensions

The device contains a temperature-compensated, extremely stable current source.

This current source supplies a constant current of 1mA at the output, which is 99.2% of the output signal immediately after switching on.

This output signal is monitored by a measuring voltage which is directly proportional to the detuning but also proportional to the supply current and visualized by two LEDs on the front panel.

In a voltage range below 0.5V or above 8V the red LED lights up and signals a possible short circuit or an interruption.

In the voltage range between 0.5V and 8V the green LED lights up and indicates normal operation.

The output is permanently short-circuit proof, but there is no galvanic isolation between supply voltage and current output.


Application fields: 

The device has been developed for sensor supply with a constant current source of 1mA.

The constant current source must be extremely stable for this purpose.

In addition, the constant current source for supplying a sensor element is temperature compensated.

Immediately after switching on, the supply current at the output is 99.2% of the maximum output current.

After one minute, 99.5% of the maximum sensor supply current is already available at the device output.


Technical Data:

Operating voltage:

24V DC ±10%

Constant Current:

max. 30mA

Temperature range:

0°C - 70°C

Degree of protection:




Housing dimensions:

25 x 79,2 x 74mm (B x H x T), without terminals and control units


appr. 90g


Glass fuse 1A (5x20mm)

Output signal:

Constant Current, 1mA

Measuring circuit Monitoring:

Cable break and Short circuit