Level Monitoring

The flow display serves for the measurement and display of three tank levels, the average and current consumption as well as two temperature values.

The instrument is optimized for the use of two fuel tanks and one water tank, to get a precise indication of the contents of the monitored tanks. This becomes possible by the use of flow sensors. Such an accuracy cannot be reached with the float switch principle tank indicators that are normally used.

The EASYFUEL-multi also has the option to display the current and the average fuel consumption and to provide a warning when an adjustable minimum tank content level is reached. In addition, the cooling water temperature of the motors can be displayed. Here too, a warning is provided when an adjustable temperature is exceeded, by a flashing of the display. Moreover, an alarm output is released, to which, e.g. an indicator lamp can be connected.
The device has a two-stage automatic brightness adjustment of the displays.

Application fields: 

Suitable for all applications, in the case of which the current contents of liquid tanks and the average and current consumption have to be displayed with a high accuracy and temperature monitoring is desired simultaneously.

For example in the case of recreational motor boats with one or two carburetor type gasoline engines without return flow or an injection engine or diesel engine with return flow.

Technical Data:

Operating voltage:

10V DC to 32V DC

Current consumption:

approx 150mA at 24V / 250mA at 12V

temperature range:

0°C .. 55°C

protection level:

Front: IP 64, Back: IP 22




connector system for flexible cables from 0.34 to 1mm2 for power supply, alarm output and sensors.

alarm output:

U = operating voltage about 2V, maximum power: 5W, shutdown at overload


Tank (water & fuel): max. 1 liter; Current fuel consumption / average fuel consumption: <1%; Temperature: ± 2 ° C