Level Monitoring

The processor-controlled display module EASYLEVEL is used for the simultaneous level monitoring of up to seven different tanks. The models of these tanks can be chosen at will, since you can match the device individually to any shape. You can connect any sensor that delivers an output current of 4 to 20mA.

The contents of Tank 1 and Tank 2 are displayed continuously; all the others are displayed by pressing a button, on the lower display. When a certain level quantity in tank 1 and tank 2 is exceeded or undershot, an indication is provided by warning LEDs. In addition, a relay is actuated, through which warning devices can be actuated in turn. The limiting values for the maximum and minimum levels can be customized individually.

Other features are the switchable display from % to volume (liters or gallons) and a two-stage automatic brightness adjustment of the displays.

Application fields: 

Suitable for all applications in which the current levels of up to seven tanks of different shapes have to be displayed with a high accuracy e.g.

  • Motor boats (fuel, water, septic tanks)
  • Storage warehouses of the foodstuffs and chemical industry, where the tank display can be used with suitable sensors for solid, fluid and gaseous materials
  • Dairies, breweries
  • Waterworks, sewage treatment plants
  • Gasoline stations (in the case of sensors with Ex-approval)
  • Gas tanks (with pressure sensors), heating oil storage chambers
Technical Data:

Operating voltage:

10V DC to 32V DC

current consumption:

max. 350mA

degree of protection:


case dimensions:

92x92x84.5mm(WxHxD),without plug cutting 92mmx92mm

installation depth:



approx. 375g

sensor inputs:

4 to 20mA



display range:

0% to 100% (resolution 0.5%) or 0 to 65,535 litres (or any other measure,e.g. gallons) (resolution 1/200 of tank content)